Truesday – December 5, 2023

Venue: Klubovna 2. patro, Prague



Door Opening


Welcome & Panel Discussion: Stress Relievers at High-Pressure Jobs by Miky Skoda & guests


Open Mic: Pitch who you want to hire


Drawing Winners


Startup<>Investors Speed-dating


Roundtable: AI-tools for solo founders – how to do work of 5 specialists in 1 person by Anna Bohonek




Panel discussion: Stress Relievers at High-Pressure Jobs

What helps us concentrate, and what, on the contrary, relaxes us? How to handle even several crises in a row, but especially everything after them? Come, as part of pre-Christmas contemplation, be inspired by capable business leaders and perhaps share your experiences in the subsequent discussion.

Discussion topics should directly stem from the description for me. Is this sufficient for networks so far? Feel free to adjust/shorten/tweak it as needed while maintaining the approximate meaning.


Serial Founder | Trying to keep up with the future. #Education #Innovation #Adaptability

He founded and leads the startup Mobilis for practical education, the non-profit organization X-Challenge, similar to scouts but for adults. He is a former leader in the Scouts and currently leads the Innovation Community Red Button EDU, mentoring founders and managers. He teaches people how to simplify their work with AI, both individually and in teams. He moderates podcasts and events on education, technologies, astrophysics, and leadership. He is a member of Rotary, Red Button, a speaker, and an alumnus of the Aspen Institute. In addition, he enjoys mountain climbing, playing the guitar, and drawing from his experiences, he has written a book titled „You Can (Re)Do Anything“ for those who seek change in their lives.


Founder at Twigsee & Co-Founder of Educleus; WSC2021 Winner; #SaaS #EduTech #FemaleFounder; SpaceEnthusiast; InnovationsEvangelist; SoccerPlayer, WomanPilot

Vanda Horáčková Seidelová shifted from aspiring diplomat to fintech entrepreneur, founding Twigsee to modernize preschool communication. Twigsee streamlines parent-school interaction with a comprehensive digital solution. The application simplifies tasks like sharing information, communicating with teachers, and enrolling in activities. Twigsee’s success in Czech preschools highlights its potential for global impact. Vanda aims for expansion in Slovakia and Germany, emphasizing the app’s unique integration and plans for automation to enhance efficiency. Twigsee not only transforms communication but also fosters increased parental engagement, marking a resilient venture in preschool education.

Entrepreneur🚀 ➞ Airline Pilot👨‍✈️ ➞ Business Consultant📈

Lukáš embarked on his colorful career journey when he co-founded Socialbakers, taking it from a garage startup to the position of a global leader in social media marketing, eventually successfully selling the company. He then fulfilled his childhood dream and became a commercial pilot. Today, he shares his experiences with aspiring startups as a consultant in the incubation program at BIC Plzeň. Enjoying an active lifestyle, he happily shares his passion for travel and gastronomy with his loved ones.



Unique offer for early stage startups: we partnered with 7 esteemed investors from the Czech VC scene to create a unique opportunity just for you. It was a chance to connect with these significant ecosystem players, engage in meaningful conversations, receive valuable feedback, and possibly secure investment for your venture.

Each investor offered 4x 10-minute slots.

Roundtable: Leveraging ChatGPT and Generative AI in Business: Insights and Strategies for Startup Founders by Anna Bohonek

Key Discussion Points:

  • Effective Prompt Design for Generative AI: Techniques for crafting clear, concise, and goal-oriented prompts. Best practices to ensure AI responses align with businessobjectives.
  • Practical Use Cases and Innovative Hacks: Exploration of common and unique applications in a business setting. Sharing personal hacks for optimizing AI tool efficiency.
  • Future Implementations and Understanding Limitations: Insights into potential future uses of generative AI in business. Discussing current limitations and reasons for delayed implementation.
  • Real-World Applications and Training Insights: Specific examples of generative AI tools used in various business scenarios. Analysis of which AI applications have been most impactful in professional training sessions.

Objective: To equip startup founders with actionable strategies for integrating generative AI tools into their businesses, leveraging my experiences and insights in the field

Managing Partner @WorkplaceDesignInstitute • BizDev • Sales • Marketing • Experience in B2B SaaS Startups • Exploiting AI-Powered Tools• Amateur Illustrator

Anna, with a diverse education in political science, mechanical production management, and international management, brings extensive experience from over five countries. In the past five years, she played crucial roles in dynamic technological startups, specializing in creative use of modern technologies, particularly in language models and no-code automation.

Co-founding the Workplace Design Institute with Johana, Anna focuses on business development and internal operations. She also serves on the non-executive board of Meditorial and is a key member of the Advisory Board for MeetyMeety, a platform organizing meetings and activities.

In addition to her business roles, Anna shares her insights through lecturing, concentrating on the applications of generative artificial intelligence in marketing, sales, and business development.






Klubovna 2. patro

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