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March 5, 2024

Venue: Klubovna 2. patro, Prague

Truesday [5. 3. 2024]


Technological community from Prague and Czech Republic, startups, founders, aspiring entrepreneurs, investors, state representatives, and the academic sphere.


We are bringing together key players from Prague’s thriving startup ecosystem. Come and meet them, inspire and get inspired. Build new relationships or expand existing ones.


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Door Opening


Welcome & Panel Discussion: Hoops, Scalpels, and Business Plan: Unconventional ways to business with Tomáš ŠebekSurgeon & Digital Health Evangelist and Pavel PumprlaProfessional basketball player, Inspirational speaker.


Open Mic (Pitch who you want to hire, open for everyone, 15s max per person, max 5 people)


Startup<>Investors Speed-dating: NEW FORMAT – read more below, register HERE



Panel discussion

Hoops, Scalpels, and Business Plan: Unconventional ways to business

We will explore how lessons from the operating room and the basketball court translate to effective leadership and success in the business world. From time-sensitive decision-making to leveraging athletic insights for business strategies, we’ve got it all covered!

We’ll look on topics such as surgical precision in business strategy, leveraging athletic insights for entrepreneurship, stress management, the importance of education, data analytics for competitive advantage, leadership qualities, strategies for professional growth, practical approaches to making a difference, creating impact in communities, the transformative role of technology in healthcare, beyond traditional success metrics, building resilience through experiences in medicine and sports, navigating investor dynamics, and embracing failure as part of the growth process. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and strategies for success 


Tomáš Šebek
Surgeon & Digital Health Evangelist

Tomáš Šebek is the most well-known and influential Czech surgeon, but he hasn’t limited himself to medical practice. He is also a successful entrepreneur. In addition to his work at the hospital, he is involved in missions with Médecins Sans Frontières, having been on 4 missions. His new initiative is a project called „Minister of Health,“ which aims to increase the average healthy lifespan of Czechs in collaboration with other well-known personalities. Five years ago, he founded the portal and is involved in other projects, mainly focused on utilizing modern technologies in healthcare. His investment strategy is fundamentally long-term. When making investment decisions, he prioritizes the viability, functionality, and beneficial impact of projects over immediate profit. He specializes in the field of medicine and the implementation of technologies in this sector.


Pavel Pumprla
Professional basketball player, Inspirational speaker

Pavel Pumprla, once a standout on the basketball court, has pivoted his game to a new arena. From scoring points to scoring deals, he now shares his game-changing tactics with others, coaching them toward victory in the business world.

In addition to his athletic career, he is also deeply involved in personal development, leadership, team-building, and mental resilience. As a senior consultant at VALIGURA Consulting & Management, he leverages his expertise to empower individuals and organizations to reach their full potential.

He is passionate about sharing knowledge and facilitating growth, which is why he hosts the educational online program “Až ke stropu” on the RED BUTTON EDU platform and the “Cesty vítězů” podcast.


‼️ New rules for speed-dating​

With this Truesday, we are introducing some updates to our speed-dating events:

  • We are expanding speed-dating to include speed-mentoring, in addition to the opportunity to meet investors and receive valuable feedback on your project or idea.
  • You will have the chance to meet mentors in areas such as HR, legal, foreign investment, and more.
  • Each startup project can only book 4 spots per evening!
  • We reserve the right to cancel any booking if you have already booked for multiple sessions before, or if your project is not relevant in terms of stage or focus to that investor or mentor.
  • If you have attended the previous 2-3 speed-datings on previous Truesdays, please consider leaving the spot to others.
  • Contact; she will add you to the waiting list or discuss booking options if spots are available.
  • And where will the information about the newly opened registration for speed-dating appear first? On Slack!


2nd round 19:45-20:25


We’re not your typical VC fund, but rather two entrepreneurs who enjoy helping early-stage startups in our spare time. We mainly invest in pre-seed, without specific focus areas. We excel at assisting B2B SaaS startups the most, but we’re open to projects that defy standard startup categories. In our portfolio, you will find,,, and others.

Honza started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 12. From stocks to his first mobile apps, nonprofit projects, his own e-shop, and client development, he eventually founded FaceUp, where they combine social impact with business. They have ARR in the tens of millions of crowns and clients in 56 countries worldwide.

How we can help: Sales, marketing, go-to-market, international expansion, initial fundraising.

KB SmartSolutions is a subsidiary of Komerční banka, which realizes investments in modern technologies and value propositions in the field of financial services and thus contributes to the transformation of a traditional banking institution into an innovative and technologically strong bank of the new generation. KB SmartSolutions helps the bank go beyond normal banking services and become a leader in cooperation with innovative fintechs and start-ups. It is a tool for fulfilling one of Komerční banka’s main visions, which is to offer clients simple, convenient, digital products and services.
At Česká spořitelna, we support startups through our Seed Starter program, providing funding and guidance to help them succeed. With nearly 200 years of experience, we’re committed to fostering honest business practices and creating long-term value. Our unique approach focuses on startups with serious growth potential and a clear vision for the future. Through programs like the Startup Bootcamp and our Silicon Valley Accelerator, we offer strategic support tailored to each startup’s needs. Whether you’re in fintech, sustainability, or business support, we’re here to help you make a lasting impact. Join us and let’s shape the future together.
At our core, we redefine venture capital. We stand shoulder to shoulder with founders, offering invaluable support through every stage of their journey. With two decades of entrepreneurial experience, we bring insight and wisdom to the table, cutting through the noise to focus on what truly matters. As founders ourselves, we invest our own capital, aligning our interests with those of the companies we back. This ensures a deeper level of commitment and a longer-term perspective than traditional VC models allow. Our investment approach is flexible, spanning from pre-seed to Series A rounds, with typical initial investments ranging from 300k to 2M euros. We focus our investments in areas where we have deep expertise, such as AI, crypto, psychedelics, e-commerce, and more. This targeted approach allows us to maximize our impact and support the growth of innovative companies that have the potential to make a lasting impact.

As a venture studio, we invest in – and co-found – a handful of carefully-selected projects a year, focusing on industries we can understand deeply. Once we invest, we always seek where and how we can be helpful to the founders. We are ready to help in various ways based on specific needs of our portfolio companies. For instance, we can take active part in formation of strategy, open doors to new customers, or help with marketing or IT.


StartupYard Accelerator has been fueling the growth of deep tech startups from the heart of Europe since 2011, with a particular focus on deeptech and blockchain technology. They offer a dynamic platform for startups, investors, mentors, and corporations, fostering a thriving community where startups have raised over €100m in funding.

Cedric Maloux CEO of StartupYard, Central Eastern Europe’s leading seed accelerator for tech startups. His career in technology spans over two decades, including CEO roles at several tech companies. At StartupYard, Cedric has successfully guided over 90 startups, leveraging his skills in business development and strategic mentoring. He is known for his ability to identify and nurture emerging talent and ideas in the technology sector.

Through seven technology-specific incubators, CzechInvest supports new companies that bring innovative technologies to commercial applications. Technology Incubation (Technologická inkubace) is the most ambitious project for support of startups in Czechia. Its goal is to seek out and assist 250 startups with projects that are exceptionally innovative, feasible and scalable.

Within the framework of the Technology Incubation project, selected technology startups receive direct support in the amount of CZK 1,100,000–4,500,000 (approx. EUR 44,000 – 180,000) and indirect support worth CZK 500,000 (approx. EUR 20,000) in the form of workshops, seminars, assistance from incubation managers, consultations with business and technology experts, and incubation for up to 2 years, all without losing their stake in the company. Any financial support is granted in CZK


What can I help with: HR, recruitment
How to find people, make candidates aware of yourself, think about the growth of the company and the people you need.


Matěj Matolín is the founder of the creative recruitment studio Aplayerz, where he combines technology and modern recruitment. He has 20 years of managerial experience in recruitment and HR in international corporations, technology companies, and startups in the Czech Republic and abroad. He helps companies find top talents, develops the educational project Digital Recruitment, and mentors startups and incubators.

Matěj is a co-author of the podcast „Nelidské zdroje“, regularly speaks at conferences, and contributes to media outlets.

What can I help with:
startup legal needs, mergers & acquisitions, investments, corporate and contract law, real estate

I am an attorney and the head of the Czech branch of Sparring, an international law firm specializing in startups and technology companies. My expertise lies in corporate operations pertaining to startups and technology firms, including establishing corporate and holding structures, facilitating early and later investment rounds, managing shareholder relations, and overseeing successful company sales. With extensive experience in M&A, I have represented numerous sellers and buyers in a variety of transactions, both domestic and cross-border.

What can I help with:
Finance/financing, angel investment, expansion to Germany

Seasoned finance manager, business leader, consultant and start-up entrepreneur in leading public/private, multinational FMCGs as well as dynamic, high-tech SMEs for the past 15 years across Europe. Strong track-record improving top/bottom line results, working with multiple priorities/reporting lines as well as in a fast-paced, dynamic SME environment. Proven broad operations/process-oriented finance background incl. M&A and track-record in leading, restructuring and developing teams. Co-founder and Partner of Gigahertz Ventures GmbH, Dresden-based business angel syndicate and early-stage investment firm, providing smart capital to technology-based founders and start-ups.