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Making Profit & Making Good
When we spend money, choose a career, or invest in tech, do we have an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other? How do we balance and blend righteousness with ambition and make a real change? Does the non-profit sector thrive alongside the business one? Do they attract the same talent?

Join us for our final Truesdays session before the summer break with Dana Bérová, entrepreneur, investor, and former minister, and Šimon Pánek, Director of People In Need.


  • Each startup project can only book 4 spots per evening!
  • We reserve the right to cancel any booking if you have already booked for multiple sessions before, or if your project is not relevant in terms of stage or focus to that investor or mentor.
  • If you have attended the previous 2 speed-datings on previous Truesdays, please consider leaving the spot to others.
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Adam Konečný

👀 Who is Adam:

Introducing Adam, a dedicated legal advocate specializing in guiding startups through the intricate maze of business law. With a sharp focus on understanding the distinct hurdles startups face, Adam provides comprehensive legal counsel on a wide array of critical issues. From facilitating investment procurement and fostering healthy founder dynamics to adeptly navigating corporate, labor, and intellectual property/technology law matters. 

🤝 What he can help you with:

Adam offers tailored guidance designed to propel startups toward success. Committed to nurturing growth and safeguarding the interests of his clients, Adam delivers innovative solutions and unwavering support at every juncture of their journey.

👀 Who is Camelia:

Camelia is an investor relations & access to finance expert, with extensive international experience from start-up level to IPO and beyond. Proud mentor of Startup Wise Guys since 2018.

🤝 What she can help you with:

Recommendations on funding strategy via equity, grants or other financing instruments. Feedback and advice on business/ revenue model for optimal investor readiness. 

👀 Who is Jan:

Techno-optimist and E/acc, Jan is a Senior Associate at Tensor Ventures, where he invests in startups building in Deeptech, Digital Biotech, and Quantum. He also mentors digital health startups in the Caelestinus Healthtech Incubator. Before Tensor, Jan worked as an Investment Analyst at RSJ Investments, a financial group with over €1B in AUM, where he was responsible for covering investments in the Life Sciences sector. Jan was originally trained as a scientist and did bioinformatics and computational chemistry research, in the past

🤝 What he can help you with:

Mainly I can help you with getting funded 🙂 Other than that, I am always happy to help you with Business and Technology strategy, connections to other investors, and structuring your fundraising communications.

👀 Who is Pavel:

Pavel is a General Partner at Tilia Impact Ventures, one of the pioneers of Impact investing in the CEE region. As a former tech entrepreneur and global cybersecurity firm executive, Pavel is a Partner at Tilia, who is responsible mainly for ***Tech projects with a strong technology or engineering accent (CleanTech, AgTech, MedTech, …). 

🤝 What he can help you with:

Pavel/Tilia, as an Impact VC, fuels Seed-stage companies that solve the world’s key environmental and social problems. We provide hands-on support and access to our network of changemakers across Central and Eastern Europe. Pavel can personally help with areas of Strategy, Fundraising / Budgeting, or Tech product validation.

👀 Who is Pavlina:

Pavlína works at the crossroads of science and venture capital as a scientific investment analyst at i&i Bio Fund. In her role, she supports emerging startups in the biotech, AI, and medtech sectors, guiding them on their journeys. She is originally a computer scientist specializing in AI and bioinformatics. Her career path reflects a blend of cutting-edge research and a startup environment, marked by a focus on projects at the intersection of AI and healthcare. During her time at the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics, and Cybernetics, she contributed to research in mathematical optimization and machine learning applied in the domain of surgery scheduling.

🤝 What she can help you with:

Pavlína offers feedback on your startup, blending technical expertise with venture capital insight. She can refine your business strategies and scientific methods, positioning you strongly in the life sciences markets. Her knowledge of biotech, AI, and healthcare sectors provides insights into industry trends.

👀 Who is Jaime:

Spain’s State economist and trade expert. Head of ICEX – Invest in Spain office in Prague (Oficina Económica y Comercial de España – Rep. Checa), supporting international companies in scaling and settling in Spain. Previously deputy head of Spain’s export finance and investment support unit, economic analyst, advisor for treasury and trade policy, portfolio manager and financial auditor, as well as Commercial Attaché in Indonesia.

🤝 What he can help you with:

Get to know #RisingUpinSpain by ICEX. A soft-land and acceleration programme for international startups looking to grow, scale up their business and set up in Spain. A public initiative designed to attract international talent to collaborate with the business ecosystem in Spain providing startups with comprehensive support.

👀 Who is Tomas:

Tomas is an experienced lawyer with more than 15 years of practice in transactions (M&A) and corporate and contract law. Tomas specializes in Venture Capital/Private Equity, acquisitions and sales of companies, corporate law, commercial law (with a focus on contract law) and legal audits and legal due diligence. In Venture Capital, he has been involved in number of transactions over the years, both on the side of startups and founders and investors.

🤝 What he can help you with:

He is ready to advise you on company formation, preparing for an investment (whether in the form of a convertible loan, equity investment or other form of providing funds to a startup), setting up the right corporate structure and other legal aspects of a startup on the road to success.

👀 Who is Petra?

Petra considers herself a cheerleader of innovation who wants to invest in the best founders with a mission. Those who understand their market & those who are able to bring to life the best product possible and those who deeply care to sell their product well. 

🤝 What she can help you with: 

She offers startups assistance in launching their business, setting up a financial plan or business strategy.

👀 Who is Cedric?

Cedric Maloux is an award-winning tech entrepreneur with 30 years of experience. For the past 10 years he has been managing StartupYard, the longest running tech startup accelerator in Central and Eastern Europe. Based in Prague, Cedric is also the President of French Tech Prague, an Official Advisor to the French Ministry of Trade and a Board Member at the French-Czech Chamber of Commerce. He is also an advisor to a few startups.  He holds master’s degrees in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence from the USA and France, as well as a Business degree from the University of Paris 2.

🤝 What he can help you with: 

A lot of topics since he possesses a broad range of skills and excels in various fields. He can advise on positioning, communication, go-to-market, finance, fundraising, B2B sales, marketing, expanding to France, and how to be accepted in StartupYard of course!

👀 Who is Tomas?

Tomas is an experienced sales-marketing professional with more than 20 years in C-level roles and interim manager. He has been also working with global startups for past 10 years in multiple accelerators and incubators. His most favourite disciplines are sales-marketing strategies, go-to-market strategies, process optimisation, product management and agile software development. Currently, he is working in as a CTO & Product Owner.

🤝 What he can help you with: 

Sales-marketing strategy set up and validation, value proposition review, pricing policy advisory, communication audit, brand review, pitch deck check, mentoring on overall MVP preparation based on your field of business, technical debt management.