21. 5. 2024

Venue: Manifest Bohéma, Hurbanovo námestie 1, 811 06 Bratislava, SK

Truesday: Bratislava special edition [21. 5. 2024]


Technological community from Bratislava and Slovakia, startups, founders, aspiring entrepreneurs, investors, state representatives, and the academic sphere.


We are bringing together key players from Bratislava's thriving startup ecosystem. Come and meet them, inspire and get inspired. Build new relationships or expand existing ones.


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Door Opening


Welcoming & Opening Speech


Keynote Speaker – Yassaman Omidbakhsh


Interactive Panel Discussion: Bootstrapping vs. VC Journey by Bohumil Pokštefl & Andrej Petrus


Open Mic




Speed Dating Startup <> Investor


Roundtable/Workshop – Slavo TuleyaKiuub



Bootstrapping vs. VC journey


We all wanted Unicorns. But there were different paths to reaching that status.

We deep-dived into highlighting the benefits of bootstrap financing, such as maintaining full control over the business and avoiding the dilution of equity, but also the drawbacks, including limited financial resources and a potentially slower growth rate. On the other hand, venture capital offered significant financing possibilities, allowing rapid expansion and access to expertise and networks. However, it could result in the loss of decision-making control and increased pressure for quick growth and profitability.




Kateřina Nováková

👀 Who is Kate:

Kate is the Marketing and Relationship Manager at Soulmates Ventures, a leading Czech accelerator and VC for green innovations that was recognized as the Best VC in Central Europe for 2023. Her experience working in startups and startup events enables her to view the ecosystem through multiple lenses, enhancing her ability to connect with and support founders.s.

🤝 What she can help you with:

She’ll show you how to make sustainability a core part of your startup, following Soulmates Ventures‘ approach, and guide you through securing funding from sustainable VC. From the marketing perspective, she can give you tips on improving your social media game and building a strong brand identity.

👀 Who is Bohumil:

Bohumil is the former CEO and Co-Owner of Kontentino – the fastest-growing tech company in Slovakia for two years. He founded a cozy CoWork for emerging tech founders and launched SaaS Garden, a studio building SaaS tools. Bohumil was named Forbes 30 Under 30 and Founder of the Yea

🤝 What he can help you with:

Bohumil can help with idea validation, finding PMF, GTM strategies, team leadership, and anything that an early-stage CEO is challenged by.

SaaS Garden helps first-time founders (with or without business ideas) to build a profitable SaaS business.

👀 Who is Zuzana?

Zuzana studied and worked in Austria and has been gaining experience in expanding companies to Austria for years now. She has her own young projects, mainly focused on marketing, which gives her insight into the problems of startups, but besides that, she represents Vienna Business Agency in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In this context, she helps companies learn about the Austrian ecosystem and network through different sectors.


🤝 What he can help you with:

Preparing for expansion to Vienna and setting up an office in Vienna. Finding commercial and office space, but also looking for networking opportunities and introducing yourself to Austrian investors.

👀 Who is Slavo:

Slavo runs a productized No Code service, invests into boring SMBs and speaks at events from time to time. He’s an ex Innogy Corporate Innovation, SKODA Auto Digilab Founder and ZAKA.VC CEO. Slavo writes content for Non Tech Founders and Companies on how to get your idea from 0 to 1, How to get funding, MVP and Lean Startup guides, Corporate Innovation, No Code and founder experiences on GTM and Scalling strategies 🚀

🤝 What he can help you with:

Slavo can help non-tech founders on how to get started with No Code & Low Code product teams on subscription, MVPs & roadmap definition.


👀 Who is Michaela:

Michaela is an investment manager at Impact Ventures, a new fund in Slovakia focusing on investments in startups, companies, and foundations with social impact. Previously, she worked at a fund-placement agency in Amsterdam, specializing in fundraising for funds ranging from 100 million to 2 billion EUR. She also worked in Luxembourg at the Private Equity and Venture Capital association, focusing on investor relations building.

🤝 What she can help you with:

Pitch and pitch deck preparation, business model creation, or fundraising-related questions.

👀 Who is Andrej:

Andrej is Investment Manager at venture family office QQ Capital, specializing in software product development, business strategy, and M&A. He draws his experience from diverse roles across global corporations, consulting companies, private businesses, and tech scale-ups.

🤝 What he can help you with:

He can help you with guidance in business strategy, product development, business model refinement, and crafting compelling value propositions. Andrej delivers direct, honest, and constructive feedback, emphasizing actionable takeaways

👀 Who is Laurent?

Laurent Hengesch is a Luxembourgish investor and co-founder of Ilavska Vuillermoz Capital (IVC). Established in 2019, IVC has quickly become a prominent alternative investment firm in Luxembourg. It manages one of Europe’s fastest-growing FinTech investment funds. Laurent has invested in over 20 companies in recent years, such as N26, Solaris, Teylor, and Qonto. In 2024, IVC introduced its ClimateTech Fund, focused on investing in early-stage European companies that drive decarbonization.

Laurent began his career as a business developer at Carey Group, the corporate services division of the Channel Islands Law Firm Carey Olsen, working in Luxembourg, London, Zurich, and Monaco. After two years, he transitioned to Warburg Bank as the head of their Business Development practice in Luxembourg and Hamburg. At the age of 29, he then founded IVC. Laurent is a guest lecturer at multiple universities throughout Europe.

🤝 What he can help you with:

Thanks to his international experience, Laurent can help you with nearly anything, from finding a product-market fit to expanding to Western Europe, hiring, fundraising or networking. IVC has 4 Unicorns and 2 exits in its portfolio so don’t hesitate to visit me!

👀 Who is Andrej:

Andrej works as chief investment officer for ZAKA VC, an early stage VC focused on pre-seed and seed investments in the EU. He studied business and finance in Berlin and Prague, where he currently lives. He’s a longtime scout and likes to surround himself with active and enterprising people.

🤝 What he can help you with:

Ready to help with validation and getting from 0 to 1, GTM, fundraising, team and advisory board set-up.

👀 Who is Patrik?

Ex-Penta Investments, JPMorgan M&A banker’s mentee, and honed on both the East and West Coasts of the US. Purple Ventures‘ partner Jan Davidek sees him as a unique mix of big-picture strategist and detail-driven executor, and someone who is not afraid to challenge assumptions, status quo, and get to real results.

🤝 What he can help you with:

Refining your market/fundraising strategy, core business operations/product fundamentals, and the narrative that showcases your product’s impact. Foster a high-performing team and robust leadership culture. Together, with you he’ll directly confront and overcome your most significant growth challenges.


For those uninitiated in the world of ‚No Code‘ development, join the Slavo Tuleya’s captivating roundtable workshop exploring the potential and implications of this innovative approach. Topics included:

  • Understanding the concept and historical context of “No Code.”
  • Scrutinizing the downsides and risks associated with “No Code.”
  • Determining whether “No Code” is the right fit for your project.
  • Exploring the tools and costs associated with “No Code” development.
  • Illuminating case studies of successful “No Code” applications.

Slavo Tuleya,

Slavo runs a productized No Code service, invests in boring SMBs, and speaks at events from time to time. He’s an ex-Innogy Corporate Innovation, SKODA Auto Digilab Founder, and ZAKA.VC CEO. Slavo writes content for Non-Tech Founders and Companies on how to get your idea from 0 to 1, How to get funding, MVP and Lean Startup guides, Corporate Innovation, No Code, and founder experiences on GTM and Scaling strategies 🚀