Join us for TRUESDAY – the Ultimate Tech and Business Meetup in Prague!

Discover the Excitement of TRUESDAY

Are you ready to dive into the world of tech, business, and bubbles? Look no further than TRUESDAY, the ultimate meetup happening every 1st Tuesday of the month in Prague! Our mission is to bring together startups and founders, tech enthusiasts, investors, government officials, academics, and entrepreneurs of all kinds to connect, learn, and exchange ideas in an open and informal atmosphere.

At TRUESDAY, we believe in the power of community. We create a space where everyone can come together, share their experiences, and inspire one another. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, TRUESDAY is the perfect platform to network, collaborate, and gain valuable insights from those who have been there and done that.

What Can You Expect at TRUESDAY?

TRUESDAY is all about fostering meaningful connections and sparking engaging conversations. Each month, we curate a lineup of inspiring speakers who will share their stories, knowledge, and expertise. From successful entrepreneurs to industry experts, our speakers cover a wide range of topics that cater to the interests of our diverse audience.

But TRUESDAY is not just about listening to talks. We encourage active participation and engagement from all attendees. Our meetups are designed to be interactive, allowing you to ask questions, share your own experiences, and learn from one another. You never know who you might meet and what valuable connections you could make!

Why Should You Join TRUESDAY?

If you’re still not convinced why TRUESDAY is the place to be, let us give you a few more reasons:

  1. Opportunity to Learn and Grow: TRUESDAY provides a platform for continuous learning and personal growth. Hear from industry leaders, gain insights into the latest trends, and expand your knowledge in tech, business, and entrepreneurship.
  2. Networking at its Best: Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for tech and business. Exchange ideas, collaborate on projects, and build a strong network that can open doors to new opportunities.
  3. Supportive Community: Surround yourself with a community that understands the challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurship. TRUESDAY is a safe space where you can openly discuss your successes and failures, learn from others, and find the support you need to thrive.

So mark your calendars for September 5th and get ready to experience the excitement of TRUESDAY! Join us for an evening of candid meetups, inspiring talks, and endless networking possibilities. Register now to secure your spot on the guestlist and be part of the tech and business revolution in Prague!

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